Cliff Cottage

Cliff Cottage started life as a fish cellar in the 18th Century and evolved since to become a dwelling. It sleeps twelve.

Four doubles, a twin and single bedrooms
Two bathrooms with bath only, shower room, two sitting rooms one with piano, dining room, kitchen and utility
Heated by three open fires, night storage and portable electric appliances
Front garden and two other gardens about 30 seconds from the beach
Parking for three cars max

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A truly fascinating and historic listed house that has presided over a good deal of smuggling, drinking and the eating of limpets, standing alone at the top of the cliff among its secret gardens overlooking the sea below.  A private path leads down to Bessy’s Cove but half a minute below, with a sand and shingle beach and good rockpooling, bathing and diving at all tides. There are several sheltered gardens with apple trees and secluded lawns including one large enough for badminton or croquet. The lower part of the back wall overhangs inside and out, indicating that the house started life as a prosperous fish cellar manufacturing oil and pressed pilchards, which formed an important industry in days gone by. Its sheer size –more of a house than a cottage- and other archaeological clues, suggest that the house owes quite a debt to a successful smuggling operation. It was once an unofficial tavern with its own distillery, and brass numbers fixed to the doors remain from its years as a guest house in the 1900s. It was lived in by Captain Harry Richards until 1905. In 2001 Charles Dance chose the house and gardens to shoot his film Ladies in Lavender starring Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Miriam Margoles, Natascha Macelhone, Daniel Bruhle, David Warner and others. In January 2012 it was used again as Joey and Flora Carter-Wood’s house in Chris Menaul’s Summer in February, starring Dan Stevens, Dominic Cooper and Emily Browning.

Charges 2024 - weeks are normally Thursday to Thursday.
Cottage/HouseSleepsCleaning (opt.)4th January - 8th February9th - 16th February16th - 22nd February (6 nights)22nd February - 21st MarchIMS18th April - 2nd May2nd - 23rd May24th - 31st May31st May - 6th June (6 nights)6th June - 11th July11th July - 29th AugustIMS
1 Coastguards627384745494548-7257251347103012042089
2 & 3 Coastguards627305562366437-63363310708169531660
4 - 6 Coastguards426229452280334-4644648076117141251
7 Coastguards426230453281335-4684688106127161253
Top Flat8309129308811049-12288601527122813792414
Middle Flat10301146116911081319-154410821957154417343036
Garden Flat8301049107010121206-14129891790141215862776
The Lodge727305562366437-60160110508449301629
The Workshop2+124381485381386-581581738551548933
Cliff Cottage12339101047910928-132913292396174920423539
Sea View House12339101047910928-132913292396-174920423539
Willy's Cottage627436876610727-9879871679121314162479
The Haven14+2451023125410231042-157915792688202023573970
Trenalls Cottage4+126225493274327-5145148296227261226
The Granary627226495275328-4254258346317371232
Tare's Cottage526251594306364-6036039256998411368
The Look Out4252314952753285305308346677581232
Maister's Cottage4+1252305042813354994998506487571256
Vida's Cottage4252084562543034784787695866841138

Charging and Extras

The standard rent at Porth-en-alls Prussia Cove is lower than comparable places to stay. However, you should be aware of what is included and not included in this.

Unlike most other places, electricity, oil, logs, gas, bath and bed linen are extras. This keeps the rent down so you only pay for what you actually use while saving wasted power and unnecessary/unneeded laundry.

We read your electricity meter the day you arrive, record this on a brown envelope provided and you read it again and settle up on departure according to consumption (multiplying the difference by the unit price and leaving payment in the brown envelope with a cheque or cash or by bank transfer).

Oil, where central heating applies, is also metered in this way. Logs and kindling paid per bag used and use of laundry facilities (where shared with other cottages) per cycle used.

Similarly, unless you bring your own, bathroom and bed linen/beds made up, is ordered in advance on your booking form. Dogs, cots, high chairs are extras, as is cleaning at the end (optional).


What time is check in and where do I pick up the keys?

Check in is currently 4pm (go straight to the cottage) and departure 9.30am. This may be flexible so ask the office. The door over the first bridge will be left unlocked for your arrival, the keys hanging up inside

Can I arrive late at night?

Yes, any time after 4pm. We will leave the door unlocked, but you need to know where you are going and how to get there as Cliff Cottage is very difficult to find after dark if you are a first time visitor. N.B. To reach Cliff Cottage you need to turn around in the circus between Porth-en-Alls and The Lodge and then take the low road on the way back

Where do I park my car?

There is room for a maximum of three cars at the end of the road to Cliff Cottage, about 30 yards from the back door

Can I bring a pet?

Yes, but dogs and cats must be declared in advance and paid for and dogs must be kept off all furniture. You should bring a blanket/bed for them and a dog bowl and be very considerate to your neighbours. Please check your garden on departure and always be aware of your pet’s whereabouts

What is access like for limited mobility?

Not very good sadly as it is impossible to avoid lots of steps

How much should I budget for extras?

£50-100 per week depending on the time of year as this includes cooking, hot water, light and heating a large house.£15 for two bags of logs and kindling if used

Can I pay for my electricity and other fuel by BACS on departure?

We would prefer this to be settled by cash or cheque and left in the envelope provided before you leave but as long as you settle it on or soon after departure, BACS is OK. Bank details are on the brown envelope, please add the booking code as a ref. After adding your calculations, please leave the envelope on the table, don’t take it with you

What is the phone signal like?

Not good. You might get lucky from the top floor east dormer window

Is there wifi?

Not in the house but available in a room near the office

Is there a place to charge my car?

Only Trewartha has a dedicated charge point so far. We are working on this. 

Will satnav help find Cliff Cottage?

Probably not much if using only the postcode as most of the houses have the same one. Try ‘What Three Words’ and the printed map

What is the access drive like?

If you go slowly you should be fine. For heavily laden low chassis cars it might be advisable for passengers to disembark until luggage is unloaded. Be prepared to reverse as there are very few passing places. N.B. To reach Cliff Cottage you need to turn around in the circus between Porth-en-Alls and The Lodge and then take the low road on the way back 

What are the bedding arrangements?

Unless you bring your own duvet, pillow cases (two per person) and bottom sheet, you must order these from us or you will have to sleep on a mattress protector under a thin bedspread -which is not allowed!

How is the house heated?

Please refer to the overview

Are candles permitted?

Yes, but only in proper candlesticks. Tealights are not permitted. The responsible person in your party must make sure that candles are safely placed and extinguished at bed time. We trust you to be extremely careful and acquaint yourself with the location of extinguishers

Can we light an open fire?

Yes in the sitting room and dining rooms only, but you must make sure the guard is in place when the room is not occupied. Use only our logs or other properly seasoned logs of the right length. Don’t stoke up before leaving the building. Again, we trust you to be extremely careful and acquaint yourself with the location of extinguishers. Two bags of logs, a bag of kindling and a box of firelighters will be delivered for your arrival between October half term and Whitsun. This is settled at the end with your electricity if used.

How far is the nearest pub/restaurant?

The Falmouth Packet (1.5 miles, 20 mins on foot) is more of a restaurant than a pub these days but it is still fine to go there for a drink only. The food is good and so is the beer

How far is the nearest good surfing?

Prah Sands, but it depends on the weather. Kenneggy can be very good when conditions are right. Conditions on the North coast (30 minutes away) are usually the opposite to the South coast

Are picnic blankets provided?

No and please don’t be tempted to use the bedspreads nor cushions outside

Is there a microwave?

Not as standard but we have one or two if required. Ask in advance

Is it OK to smoke?

No, I’m afraid not inside. If you smoke outside, please pick up and dispose of your butts as we don’t have time to do this for you

Is there a TV?

No, none of the houses has one, by popular request

Can we have a party in Cliff Cottage?

You can’t exceed the number of people who can be accommodated as standard in the house without prior consent. There are insurance, safety and wear and tear issues at play. Sleeping by extra people on sofas etc. is strictly forbidden, as is sleeping in a van outside. Where you have booked more than one house for a get together, this will have been discussed with the office