There is very limited availability in the smaller cottages only up to the school summer holidays (not including Whitsun which is fully booked)

We keep a list of people who wish to be alerted in the event of a suitable cancellation. Please get in touch if you would like to be added to that list.

Dates House & Cottage
29th September – 6th OctoberThe Granary
Maister’s Cottage
13th – 20th October 2022Trewartha
Trenalls Cottage
The Haven
28th October – 3rd NovemberMaister’s Cottage
3rd – 10th November 2022Vida’s Cottage
10th – 17th November 2022No.5 Coastguard
Top Flat, Porth-en-Alls
The Lodge
17th – 24th November 2022The Granary
1st – 8th December 2022Andiggy
8th – 15th December 2022Top Flat, Porth-en-Alls
Middle Flat, Porth-en-Alls
Garden Flat, Porth-en-Alls
The Lodge
15th – 21st December 2022Andiggy
(Updated 8th August 2022)
Bessy’s Cove at high tide