IMS Prussia Cove

In 1972, a famous Hungarian violinist named Sándor Végh travelled to Truro
to perform in a concert. He was invited to visit the Porth-en-Alls estate at
Prussia Cove, and was so inspired by this wild and beautiful place that he
founded a Masterclass Seminar for talented young musicians. This was the
beginning of an organisation which has become renowned in classical music
circles: IMS Prussia Cove.

IMS Prussia Cove continue Végh’s work to this day, bringing world-class
musicians to Cornwall to study, rehearse and perform together during three-
week residential seminars every spring and autumn. With cellist Steven
Isserlis as Artistic Director, the seminars offer outstanding musical training to
young artists and continued inspiration to musicians throughout their careers,
as well as bringing internationally-acclaimed musicians to perform in venues
across West Cornwall.

Photos: Antony Crolla