We will be opening up again on 4th July and look forward to seeing you.
At the moment we’re full for the Summer until a couple of cancellations on 27th August. The International Musician’s Seminar has had to shrink to a much shorter and smaller event leaving new gaps throughout September
Meanwhile, to reduce risk we have cancelled all camping this summer and we need to up our cleaning regime to meet the standards required to be ‘Covid-19 secure’ and by our certification with the AA and VE

We already use virucidal, commercial-grade disinfectants, but have now introduced additional products that are certified to eliminate Coronavirus. We will use these products throughout all the residences.

High-touch surface areas, including door handles, light switches, kettles and toasters etc. will be double checked and disinfected. Touch points on armchairs and curtains will be sprayed. All cushions and blankets have been withdrawn and bed linen on arrival will be reduced to a fresh mattress protector, one pillow with protector per person and a fresh undersheet. Those that really can’t bring their own duvets should call the office in advance as we only have a limited number.

The housekeepers have been given special instructions, observing a higher level of risk assessment, working in very small teams at a distance from each other and wearing regulation grade PPE where appropriate
So as to give more time and avoid meeting staff, departure will be from 9am and arrivals from 5.30pm. (sorry!)

All kitchenware and crockery will have been cleaned at the requisite temperature.

We have decided to leave most of the books, along with any board games but recommend you don’t use them for a day after your arrival. Other house files and local info leaflets will be withdrawn and we are encouraging everyone to stay within the place as much as possible and use the food delivery service set up.

To help with our efforts to protect everyone, we’ll ask guests to strip their beds and remove bin liners at the end of a stay, with easy arrangements in place.

If we need to fix something during a stay we will ring to arrange a suitable time so as to adhere to all government physical distancing rules.